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A wonderfully thought-up piece - you can see such great detail upon the ant.
I was instantly drawn into the image simply by the smoothness and softness of the lighting. Using the in-built flash on any camera is a bad idea, but deciding to bounce it was a stroke of Genius! (Must've been quite hard to set up.)
However, I must penalise you for use of ISO 400 when you are getting a shutter speed of 125th of a second approx!
The full-size image ends up slightly grainy as such, which is a real shame.
The fold in the water and specs of dirt make the ant seem so incredibly small. Something which, I suppose it was.
A fully-in-focus any would have been nice to see too, as the depth of field is a little small. The aperture could have been changed by one or two stops without causing too much worry with 400 ISO. It's either grain or detail, unless you change the set-up to incorporate more flash or soft lighting.
Wonderful shot. I look forward to seeing more like this from you.
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Moepling Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
Oh thank you really a lot for the critique. It is the first one I recieve, so I am even more happier :)

It is a little sad, that I dont have any other flash than the standard one of my camera, so I dont really have any choice there.
But your right, I could've set the ISO to 200 and a little longer shutter speed. As the ant didnt move to much while drinking that wouldnt have mattered at all.

I planed to do some more shots soon, probably tomorrow, and then I'll try and use your advice.
And of course I shall work on the foucs a little more :)

Thank you again!
Kirol Featured By Owner May 3, 2009  Professional Photographer
No problem~ I don't have a flash either as I hardly ever need such a thing!
There's almost always more than one way around things!
Keep working hard and be the best you can be!
Moepling Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
I will try, yes :)
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