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A wonderful piece, and beautifully saturated.
'The Couch' is surreal, interesting, open, and stirring all at the same time.
Vision: Four Stars.
Definitely knowing what was wanted, kharax shot the image in what appears to be an abandoned building with a scrapped couch. The dog cares little for the state of the room, and appears casual as is curls up in a comfortable huddle on the slanted object. It'd be interesting to see more photos of this place; I've always had a thing for dusty, half-lit rooms.
Originality: Four and a half Stars.
It looks like something fresh from a painting, to be sure. Can't say I've seen much like it before. Would it fall under the interior category, or animals? Or even a commercial shot for some kind of anti-abandonment charity. There are so many things this shot could be, but it is definitely something different.
Technique: Four Stars.
Sorry, but ISO400 had no place here. The room seems badly lit, yes, but bumping it down to ISO100 wouldn't have harmed the shutter speed too badly, judging from the f/5.0 used. Maybe it would have taken it from 1/3rd of a second over to 1 and a half, perhaps two seconds tops. A dog in rest doesn't move too much, and it wouldn't have been too hard to get it back up there even if it did. (A cat would've been a completely different matter.) The saturation seems like something out of a roll of film, which I absolutely adore, and compliments the picture to no end.
The picture remains fitting with the rule of thirds as well, which works big time and brings me to impact.
Impact: Four Stars.
With the flowing lines and square movement throughout the image, (as well as secret hidden details such as the dust and rocks) coupled with the incredible hues and tonality, it hits hard visually and really completes itself. This is a work of art, and I would change nothing about the set-up of the scene.
Keep up the good work.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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kharax Featured By Owner May 4, 2009
I bow before this wonderful comment, it is an honor to receive it.

It was one of those "instants" in time during which you don't have the proper means to capture it. But I thought I had to do it somehow.

The scene was purely natural, I didn't touch anything at all.

I didn't have a tripod, or anything other than my arms and hands to hold the camera still.

So I wrapped the strap of the camera around my hand and elbow and stretched it tight, pressed it onto my face, stood still and held my breath..

But I couldn't risk more than 1/3rds of a second of time because I believed that the blurriness was unacceptable for such an image.

Therefore, even though I wanted to keep the ISO at 100, I simply couldn't. As you put it right, the shutter time skyrocketed up to 2 secs. And I knew I would never be holding the camera still for that much time.

Thank you, again for your time and interest, reading it made me proud.

Best Regards,

Idris Can Koc
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